1. What are the advantages of purchasing a website template?

You get a high quality web design in just one click. Ordering a custom design like this would cost 15-20 times more and take you several weeks to get done.  

2. What is "Licence URL" ?

"Enter Licence URL", means that you have to enter the URL for the website where you are going to use the product.
If you are going to use the product for an offline software ex. a game, then you should write the title of your game or software.

You can send us an email and update your licence URL at anytime.

3. What do I receive when I order a template from Game Site Templates?

After you complete the payment you will receive a confirmation email and  an email with download link(s) within 24 hours (if your registration information is correct) with your products (.zip or rar files). The .zip or .rar file(s) contain the product you have purchased.
You will need unzipping software to open the .zip or .rar archive. Windows users may visit
www.win-rar.com. Mac users may visitwww.StuffIt.com.

4. In what formats are your templates available?

Please read the product description to see what format the template are in. We offer Photoshop templates, Forum skins (IPB and phpBB), Spruz themes, Joomla Templates etc. 

5. What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the templates?

You may: 
Build a website using the template in any way you like.
You may not:
Resell or redistribute the template you bought.
Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified.
Make more than one project using the same template (you have to purchase the same template once more in order to make another project with the same design)

6. What if I want an exclusive design?


Non-exclusive purchase means that other people can buy the template you have chosen some time later. All our templates are non-exclusive. Are you interested in an exclusive design please contact us.

7. Is the license a one-time fee payment?

Yes, the payment for your template is a one-time fee without any additional charges.

8. Is there any return policy?

Since Game Site Templates is offering digital goods we do not issue refunds after the product is shipped, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing any article at our site. Please make sure that you've carefully read what files you will get when you are ordering a template.

9. I ordered a template but haven't received the download information.

We need to confirm your order before we can send you the download information. This may take up to 24 hours. If you are having trouble downloading your product, contact our support staff and they will help you.

10. Is it possible to reactivate my download link if my download got interrupted?

Yes. Please contact us and they will reactivate your link.

11. How do I install my forum or CMS skin/template?

Please read the text file you got in your zip file. Also look at our tutorial section to see how to install skins and templates and edit logotypes.



12. What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the world's most popular graphics editing package. You can find more info about Photoshop and download a free trial version at Adobe website.

14. Will you help me to edit my template?

 It depends on what help you want. Contact us for any design edit requests.

15. Are your templates compatible with any CMS?

Please read the product description to see what format the template is available in.

16. What payment method do you use?

We accept PayPal and following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amarican Express and Discover.

17. What are the difference between interface and template?

There is no difference. The product names are all just names. Please read the product information to see the format of the product. 

18. How do I edit the logo/title in my template?

In most cases the logo/title is rendered in the template. That means you can not edit it, but you can hide it and use your own logo. If you want a editable logo for you game site you will have to purchase a “Game Site Logo”.

19. I get this error message with my Joomla template: *Parse error*: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in*

Make sure you upload the file index.php as a BINARY file and not as a ASCII file.

(Some ftp:s softwares upload .php files as ASCII files when you have transfer type set to auto, so make sure you FTP transfer type is in BINARY
mode when you upload this file).

20. Some of the layers in the Photoshop file is named in a foreign language, what can I do? 

Use the Photoshop move tool (V) and hold down "Ctrl" and click in the document and Photoshop will jump to the right layer in your layer panel.
Double click the layer in order to rename it in your own language.


21. My Joomla template looks strange and the layout is broken, what is wrong?

Your modules are displayed on the wrong positions. 
Solve this by installing the example content that comes with the template.
In admin Click on your installed template - then Click the "Import content from template".